Juice Cleanse: Peeled


Starting a juice cleanse from Peeled today. Just a quick three day cleanse- by the time you get used to cleansing you’re done. I am a little less excited about this cleanse vs past cleanses because there are only four different juices (instead of the six I’m used to). The day starts off with Green Lantern- kale, romaine, spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon, and ginger. It’s a little weird to me to start the day with a vegetable juice (ease me in!) but it’s actually pretty refreshing and not too bitter (you would think they’d throw a little apple in there? the romaine helps keep it sweet I think). Then you move on to lemonade (typically i’m used to this being first). this is just water, lemons, ginger, cayenne, and agave and maple syrup. master cleanse anyone? Third is the maroon five- beet, carrot, apple, lemon, and ginger. Then back for another green lantern and maroon five, finishing up with cashew milk- cashews, vanilla beans, water, dates, agave, nutmeg, cinnamon, and maple syrup. that sounds a-ma-zing. I do like mixing up the juices more but as long as the ones i have to drink twice a day are tasty, i’m okay with it.

The pickup process for peeled was pretty easy and they gave me a really handy box to carry my juice in (unlike my last cleanse at element- i got three six packs, which weren’t easy to carry). They were super friendly and explained the cleanse well. I even grabbed a smoothie (delicious! coconut milk, banana, dates, and agave) for the road. plus there was ample parking in the area so I didn’t have to walk far with my box-o-juice.


Normally I would say NEVER do a cleanse for weight loss. this was one of the first things I ever read about juice cleanses- it’s important that you go in with the right intention. Alas… I am breaking my own rule. I mean… i love cleansing. i feel SO good when i do it. BUT if i’m being completely honest, this is for weight loss. I am in a biggest loser contest and not doing as well as I had hoped. so in a last ditch effort (the final weigh in is thursday) to drop a few extra pounds i’m doing this cleanse. I know… lame. do as i say and not as i do? sigh.

i’ll update in the morning on how all the juices are!

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