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Just a chicago girl that likes to blog about day to day insanity (real life is truly stranger than fiction), working out (TurboFire & p90x are my passions but i’m starting to run), and transitioning to eating better and more cruelty free. i love beachbody. i love feeling healthy. i HATE waking up early to work out, but i love how good i feel when i do. i love eating delicious healthy food. i also love eating gooey cheesy chocolately stick-to-your-ribs food (note: i’m vegan so it’s daiya vegan cheese that’s sticking to my ribs these days)


FitLife is about more than eating healthy and working out though- it’s about making your to-do list EVERY DAY and writing down your goals and having a positive “i can” instead of “i’ll try” attitude, and I want to encompass all that here.

Ask anything and keep on sharing your gems of FitLife!


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