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TurboFitLife is all about living your best life, whatever that means to you. For me, it’s living a can’t stop won’t stop lifestyle. That does NOT mean that I don’t every kick back and relax- can’t stop won’t stop is all about balance. It’s about going hard to get what you want- and sometimes what i want is a glass of wine and some gilmore girls. In my quest to achieving everything I want in life, I have picked up lots of tips along the way and hope to share those tidbits with you here. Some come from anecdotal knowledge (fitting in fitness where it works for you is way better than trying to force something that is supposedly traditionally better) and some [i.e. most] come from experts (writing down your top 10 goals daily will help them come to fruition much faster… so says brian tracy). And I’d love to hear your tips too!!

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