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Have you ever considered becoming a coach with Team Beachbody?? It can be a completely life changing experience and open so many doors for you and your family!! People have used this opportunity to quit their jobs, provide for their families, and see the world. You can do this full time, part time, or whatever time you want! You can do it from anywhere. You get to make some incredible friendships and touch so many lives. It can truly be a rewarding career if you want it to be. It doesn’t come without hard work but it’s so worth it!! If you’re interested in joining my team of amazing, motivated, and positive coaches please fill out the form at and I’ll reach out to you for more information!

I can’t wait to work with you and help get you started on building the life of your dreams!!

i can't wait to work with you!

How do you earn as a coach? What are the perks of coaching?

  • 25% Commission on any product purchased on your Beachbody provided website

  • 25% discount on all Beachbody purchases you make! << this is what got me started

  • You make a “Team Cycle” bonus for growing a team and encouraging them to follow in your footsteps to start their own business as a Beachbody coach

  • There are also a series of other bonuses, such as fast start bonus, quarterly bonus, etc.

  • Once you’ve achieved an emerald rank, you are given customer leads from people who have purchased programs from the infomercials or other non-coach sources (emerald rank is achieved when you have inspired two people to join your team).

  • When you earn “Success Club” you are given more customer leads with automatic commission.

  • If you maintain Success Club status throughout the year, Beachbody will send you on an all-inclusive trip for two to a select destination!

  • You will be get the opportunity to be surrounded with amazing, inspiring, and positive people!! i have met some of my best friends in the WORLD through this business


How Much does it cost to Become a Beachbody Coach?

Option 1

You choose a Challenge Pack during the sign-up process.  This will waive your $39.95 sign-up fee and is a great way to get started. With this option, you will receive a welcome basket filled with goodies!  Also, you would be blown away by how many people will ask you what you are doing to get your results when you are consistent with a program. Finally, starting your business with a Challenge Pack ensures you become familiar with the programs and Shakeology (you’ll learn a lot more about both when you get started). Also, one of the vital behaviors for success is being a product of the product, and this step ensures that you will be!

Option 2

If you are actively in the military, it’s free to sign up! You sign up just like normal, and then Beachbody will issue you a refund to waive your sign-up fees.  Of course, you can still sign up with a Challenge pack.

Option 3

You can choose to invest the $39.95 fee to start coaching.  If neither matches your circumstances, it is $39.95 to start coaching. This fee covers your online office with lots of web tools, training tools and the set-up of your websites.  There is a Monthly Fee of $15.95 to maintain your office and websites.

Option 4

You can become a Coach for the Discount. Coaches receive a 25% discount on all Beachbody products and programs  including Shakeology.
Many Shakeology lovers become coaches simply for the discount.  For example, if you are spending approximately $125 a month for Shakeology, by becoming a coach, you will save $25 a month on your Shakeology. That’s $300 in a year!
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