Reasons to Go Vegan in 2016


10. The animals will really appreciate it! Did you know 200 MILLION unwanted male baby chicks are killed each year by the EGG industry?


9. The world will thank you! That’s right… mother earth will appreciate your help keeping her healthy! Animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the combined emissions of all transportation

38. You can not only prevent heart disease but also reverse it! Yep… the #1 killer in the US can be prevented and reversed. so even if you’re already on a path to a heart attack you can stop that path in its tracks and heal your body.

47. YOU can actually make a difference! Yep. Each vegetarian saves 31 farmed animals a year. And the less animals we eat, the less need to be produced and thus less animals have to die. pretty sweet, huh?


6. There’s this crazy drought situation going on in California right now. Not sure if you know about it. but the amount of water it takes to produce a beef burger vs a veggie burger is CRAZY! just one beef burger takes 621 gallons of water to produce while a veggie burger is 42 gallons of water. take all the short showers you want but it would take a LOT of short showers to make up that difference (the average american shower takes 10-20 gallons of water).


5. You can reduce your risk of getting cancer. doesn’t matter how old you are- you can still change your diet and potentially change your future! Who wouldn’t want to do everything they could to reduce their risk of getting cancer?!


4. Egg laying hens in factory farms have less than a square food of space to live… their whole lives. Stop and picture that for a minute. that’s smaller than most tablets! How many of those egg laying hens are there? Over 300 million.


3. Animal agriculture has a big footprint, not just in a “this is impacting the world in a major way” sense but also physically. Livestock covers 45% of the earth’s total land! Stop and think about that for a minute. That’s a LOT of space. imagine the things we could do with that land if we did’ t have to use it for livestock! of course some of the areas you couldn’t grow other crops but some you could. and we’re tearing down rainforests to make room for the livestock to feed the ever growing population!


2. We’re destroying the oceans! Can you imagine a world without fish? Yep.. it could happen if we keep on the path we’re on. By 2048 even! I know it seems impossible and really far away but if we don’t start making changes then this could be our new reality. And for every 1 pound of fish that’s caught there are up to 5 pounds of accidental things caught and discarded. think of all that life being destroyed… the havoc we’re wreaking on those fragile ecosystems!

101. You’ll try so many new types of foods and you’ll feel so awesome about the lives you’re saving, the awesome things you’re doing for the environment, and the great health you’re experiencing you won’t even feel like you’re missing out on anything! There are so many great reasons to go vegan and very few reasons to not (i can’t think of any…) that you should try it out!! At least for a meal… then work your way up to a day… then a week… then a month. you don’t have to be perfect- just try it!

Resources to Help You on Your Journey:

PCRM’s 21 Day Vegan Kickstart (Recipes) (Get Active) (Recipes) (Recipes) (recipes) (Everything you need to start your journey)


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