Let me know if you have any questions about any of these programs- I’ve done most of them and can help you figure out which would best fit into your life to help you reach your goals!


The 3 day refresh is a great way to slim down for an event or get you back on track after a vacay! Just 3 days of clean EATING (not starving) and you’ll feel better!


This awesome low impact workout helps increase your strength and flexibility while burning calories. Win/win! Check out my full review of PiYo here.

The 21 day fix combines fitness + nutrition to help you get awesome results! The focus of this program is definitely nutrition and I know I never realized how out of control my portion sizes were, even when the food is healthy you still have to pay attention!


The extreme version of the 21 day fix cleans up the eating a bit and has more challenging workouts. Believe me- you’ll see results with this program if you stick with it!!

Not sure what program you want to do? Want access to your programs on the road? Check out Beachbody on demand! So handy for people like me that have fitness ADD and also travel a lot!

One day I’ll actually do this program! I watched some of the videos and they are definitely designed to build some strong muscles!!

This was my gateway drug to fitness. I love Chalene Johnson and she kills it with this program! A combo of strength building (don’t hesitate to lift heavy weights, ladies!) and cardio to help you slim down and sculpt your body!


Only 25 minutes a day? Ummm hi. Love this program, especially when I’m short on time! It’s Shaun T doing what he does best- motivating you to work hard and earn the body you want!

Truth time: Insanity was too isnane for me! I know so many people that love this program but when I attempted it I don’t think I was ready! Definitely one of the hardest cardio programs out there- lots of good stuff!! I think I’ll try it again in May when I’m really prepping for my summer body!

30 minutes. INSANE results.

Want insanity style results in just 30 minutes a day? Try this workout! It’s so hard (but not toooooo hard that you want to give up) and so engaging and so fun! I really enjoyed max:30 and watching my max out times increase week after week!

P90 90-Day Body Transformation for Everyone

Not ready for P90X (extreme!)? Start with P90! Definitely still challenging, P90 will help you get ready for more extreme programs like P90X. Already done P90X? P90 can still work for you! You can definitely work to your level so you can keep things challenging for you!

This was my second Beachbody program ever and I’ve never felt stronger or more confident than I did after finishing this program! Some of the DVDs are 90 minutes so it’s not a quick win like some of the shorter programs but it definitely gets you some great results when you stick with it!

A little different than P90X, this program really helps you focus on things that you might not have focused on as much in the original P90X like core work and foam rolling. Ever tried doing push ups while on a stability ball and two medicine balls? Get ready to try it!!

Similar to P90X you’re combining weight lifting and cardio… except in only 30 minutes a day! Ummm hi! This program kicked my ass, made me stronger, helped me realize where I need to focus more, and kicked off 2014 for me! I still bust some of these workouts out every now and then to get my tony fix (dude cracks me up) and get in a quick awesome workout. CVX is one of my favorites!

My soulmate workout! I am always in the mood for some TurboFire! Even though cardio workouts don’t typically excite me, these workouts are so much fun it’s hard to not look forward to them!  Remember that song “Boom! i got your boyfriend”? Yep… that’s in there! What about the Trina song “Pull Over”? Yep… in there too! So much fun dancing and burning calories to moves like the “tina turner”. Definitely challenging, get ready to sweat with this one! Plus the HIIT workouts are shorter (as short as 15 minutes!) and help you burn more calories all day! Did I mention this was my soulmate workout?

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