Living in Alignment With Your Priorities

What Matters Most To You?

Most people never ask themselves that question. I sure didn’t! I just knew I wasn’t feeling satisfied and something was missing from my life but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I had a great job, great friends, and a seemingly awesome life. But it felt like something was missing and for me that was going vegan and becoming an animal rights activist and also finding fitness and clean eating.

When I was 29 I was feeling SO unfulfilled but I couldn’t figure out what was missing so I just whined about it a lot and didn’t really know how to fix it. Luckily I’m surrounded by awesome people and my BFF Julie suggested the book “Creating Your Best Life” and I soaked that up! In January of 2011 I also started Chalene Johnson’s first program and PCRM’s 21 Day Vegan Kickstart program. The combination of these things literally changed my life!

For me I realized that having a good job with awesome status really wasn’t that important to me. Money was important only because I was DROWNING in debt (umm… $80k in credit cards alone) but other than digging out of that hole I wasn’t really excited about money. I did have to make saving money my #1 priority for a while until i got out of debt, which was hard for me. I love how money can help me help other people and i love no longer having to stress about making it to my next paycheck but it doesn’t really add value to my life if that makes any sense. So i had to figure out what it was that would help fulfill me. And to do that I wrote my own obituary. YEP. i know… morbid much? but i had to do to that (as suggested in the “Creating Your Best Life” book) to help me really figure out what the mark i want to leave on the world is. and it might change over time but it really helped give me clarity on what it is that is important to me. One of my favorite examples from Chalene’s program was that her #1 priority is her family. but she had running a marathon on her goals list. Training for a marathon eats up SO much of your time! You have to train a few days a week and then once a week long runs where you have to go to bed early the night before and are so tired after that you go to bed early that night too. So you’re kind of MIA for a few months when you’re in training. So she determined that her goal was out of alignment with her priorities and scratched it off the list. That’s HUGE!!!

SO my ask of you is to take some time today to figure out what your priorities are. Health? Fitness? Family? Money? Figure it out, write it down, and then make sure your goals are aligned with those priorities and let me tell ya- you’ll start feeling better about your life instantly!!



xoxo terry

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