October AMAZING Deals!

What’s up October! Let’s get in shape for fall! i know… i know… fall = cooler weather = baggier clothes to hide in. BUT you know what’s coming, right? Halloween candy, thanksgiving feasts, holiday parties, and xmas cookies! Wouldn’t it be awesome to get ahead of all that this year?! And the good news is you CAN and it won’t even be that hard. YES it will be work but with the 21 day fix you take the calorie counting out of watching what you eat- just eat the right foods in the right portions and voila! you’re good to go! and the cute color coded containers (dude… they’re so fun and colorful!) make it super simple! Personally i like to stick to eating the 21 day fix 80% of the time and 20% of the time i get cheats. it works for me & you’ll find what works for you! Plus the workouts are the bomb. I’m not a huge Autumn fan but let me tell ya… she kicks your booty!!

Here’s a sample delicious meal that i made:


Not your cup of tea? Why not try body beast?? SO this program definitely isn’t for everyone but if you’re wanting to add weight lifting to your routine (which you definitely should!) i recommend body beast for sure. it’s a great program that will help you build muscle and let me tell ya ladies… it will NOT bulk you up if you don’t want it to. Get in touch if you want to learn more about unleashing your inner beast!

Interested in trying either one?? Email me ([email protected]), message me (facebook.com/turbofitlife), comment below, send a carrier pigeon- just get in touch and we can talk more!

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