21 day fix day 4: Lower Fix Extreme


There was this one time in my life where my legs worked properly. i swear it was a thing. not any more. my legs are JELLY! man oh man are they tired after that amazing workout!! This one is about 35 minutes so if you’re trying to squeeze it in and have barely enough time to get in your 30 minutes it’s gonna be tight but it flies by… or maybe that’s just in retrospect. There are four rounds, do each round twice, 2 exercises per round, each exercise is 60 seconds (usually 30 seconds with weights, 30 seconds plyometric). It’s a booty kicker!!

I used 9 pound weights the whole time.

Round 1:
30 seconds squats w/weights, 30 seconds squat jumps
30 seconds right lunge w/weights, 30 seconds right lunch w/a front kick
(repeat left leg)

Round 2:
30 seconds right side 1 leg squat w/weights, 30 seconds 1 leg squat jumps (baby jumps)
(repeat left leg)
30 seconds right side lunge w/weights, 30 seconds right side lunge w/leg lift
(repeat left leg)

Round 3:
30 seconds sumo squat w/weights, 30 seconds sumo squat jumps
30 seconds right reverse lunge, 30 seconds split squat jumps
(repeat left)

Round 4:
30 seconds band leg press right, 30 seconds band leg press left
60 seconds squat walk with the band

INTENSE. but so freaking worth it. i can’t wait to see my results in 21 days you guys!!

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