Attitude of Gratitude

When I started this year i decided every day I would write down three things I was grateful for. And for the first month of the year i killed it… i mean i seriously knocked it out of the park. i was writing every night and i felt so much joy in my heart because every day I was focused on the things i was grateful for! then i realized as time went on the nighttime routine didn’t work so great for me so i switched to mornings. and eventually completely fizzled out. Throughout the course of the year I would sporadically pick it back up and drop it again. Then last month I got an advanced copy of The Freedom Journal. It reinsured me and has continued to inspire me throughout my 100 day journey to reach my goals. Not only does it help you focus on your goals but each day it asks you to write down something you’re grateful for, which I think is just such a darn good practice to get into!


Then on Thanksgiving one of my closest friends posted something she had done to remind herself of all the things she’s grateful for. she got a piece of paper and some pens/markers and wrote down all the things she could think of that she’s grateful for until she ran out of space. it inspired me to create my own gratitude collage! someone suggested I write down one thing a day and fill the whole page up but sitting down and focusing on it was really awesome! i just had this outpouring of gratitude and now every time i look at it i can’t help but smile!

i have literally millions of things to be grateful for but the thing that just tops my list this year is my sweet sweet puppy. which goes hand in hand with my sister. if my sister never moved out here or agreed to let me get a dog and to help co-parent this dog with me there’s no way Giles would have come into our lives! So little sister i am grateful for you and your help every day. and little puppy… well i love you to the moon and back!


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