The Importance of Rest



So if you know me you know my motto… can’t stop won’t stop! But this week i’ve had to stop. I’ve had this weird cough/cold thing for a few weeks now and haven’t slowed down a bit but monday it hit me. the cough had moved to my chest and i could feel it rumbling around in there. ruh roh. i skipped my workout and headed to the minute clinic where i got diagnosed with bronchitis + a sinus infection. no fun! I hate taking antibiotics and the awesome nurse practicioner said i didn’t have to take them if i didn’t want to. score! but the cough medicine for the bronchitis i should probably take. so i have been and it’s definitely getting better but it’s still sticking around.

so should i work out?


and it’s like torture. this year i’ve been doing awesome sticking to my workout schedule like a pro. i’ve seen my body start changing and i’ve seen my weights i’m lifting start increasing. it’s been amazing. BUT. now i’m on day 4 of rest and it’s killing me…. i don’t want to lose my results. i don’t want to go back to square one. i really really really want to do something. but i know that if i do then i risk being out for even longer and i really don’t want that. so i’m taking it easy. making sure to get in longer walks with my puppy. and actually resting. still keeping busy because that’s how i roll but nothing too strenuous. and in the meantime i’m making sure to keep drinking tons of water (my awesome hydracoach water bottle keeps me on track!) and fueling my body with things i know it needs, like my daily shakeology and tons of greens.

it’s been tough getting my mind in a place where i’m not stressed out all day about not working out and trying to get my energy and sense of calm somewhere else- working out makes me happier, keeps my stress down, and pumps me up for the day. without it i feel a bit lost. but ya know what? it’s only for a few days and after this i’ll be back at it and good as new!

a little lesson here? i probably should have rested more when i started feeling sick and maybe i wouldn’t be here now. who knows. but next time i’m going to listen a little better to my body and maybe do some lower impact workouts instead of sticking to a schedule just for the sake of sticking to a schedule.

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