This Week’s Salad in a Jar


So i am really loving this whole salad in a jar thing. it’s so easy!! and there are so many stinking ways to make delicious salads and throw ’em in single serving jars that are ready to rock whenever i get hungry. This week I modified the recipe from for the buffalo tempeh and ranch salad and it’s a-ma-zing. plus oil and sugar free. what could be better!?

So i started with this recipe here: But instead of sauteeing the tempeh in oil i just let it kind of dry brown and added water 1T at a time to loosen it from the pan as needed. i did the same thing with the garlic. Who needs oil!? And then for the ranch dressing instead of using her recipe (which i’ve made before & it’s amazing) I used a protective diet recipe because i love that ranch & it’s so easy and doesn’t need any mayo.

for me these salads aren’t meals just with the ranch + tempeh + greens because where are the carbs?! i’ve got lots of protein from the soy-based ranch and the yummy spicy tempeh but no carbs = i’m not getting energy or full. so these i’m eating as sides to things like nacho waffles or pizzas. and while it sounds like it’s unhealthy trust me- they’re made from all health promoting ingredients and full of nutrition!!

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