21 day fix day 2: upper fix

Rocking the regular 21 day fix this week- hence the day 2! I’m in Chicago this week so I’m using bands instead of weights and 21 day fix offers band mods for all the workouts. Woot! 

Today’s upper fix was two rounds, 5 exercises per round, each exercise for 60 seconds, repeat each round twice.

Round 1:

Bent over row

Transverse twist

Push ups

Forearm plank 

Hammer curl to shoulder press

Round 2:

Lat pullover

Circle crunch

Chest press

Scissor twist

Shoulder raise

My upper body is definitely sore!!! The bands are so awesome for some exercises and on some I feel like I’m not getting as much out of them… I definitely prefer weights but I rocked all of chalean extreme and p90x with bands so I know they’re effective!!

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