Triathlon Training: SWIMMING!!!!

so triathlon training is hard. You have to swim, bike, AND run during training and you have to do each multiple times a week. which means you will likely be doubling up on workout days. and you’ll also be exhausted and hungry all the time when you’re not training. but it’s kinda awesome at the same time! (yeah… i may be insane).

Running i’ve got down. I may be injured right now but seriously the running is the least of my concerns.

The biking I hate. i really need to figure that out.

But the swimming. oh the swimming. I can swim all day. Put me in a pool and the only thing that will stop me from keeping on going is boredom. It’s bo-ring. but now that I have a waterproof MP3 player i kind of dig it. I can swim for an hour and only get crazy bored at the 30-45 minute mark. but i’ve never had a swimming lesson since i was like 10. and i’ve never swam in open water, which i will need to do for the triathlons i have coming up. ruh roh!

enter the tri club of san diego (TCSD). They have masters swim training at multiple locations at different times on different days of the week. what?! amazing. So basically that’s just coached swimming classes where you get a workout and a coach to help you get better at swimming. so amazing. and for like $5 a class. or $3 if you buy in bulk. insane. i went to my first class last night and it was the bomb. i hate getting feedback that i’m not perfect but you know what? i’m gonna get better! that’s for sure!

and then the open water swim that i’ve been putting off for two years. ug. i didn’t wanna! sure there’s sharks and waves and jellyfish but none of that scared me more than just doing it. i can’t quite put my finger on what i was afraid of but i think it was just logistics. Will i be able to put on my wetsuit? where do i put my key when i’m swimming? do i shower after? do you just walk into the water? how do you swim in a straight line? dude. the BOWS (beginning open water swim) with the tri club made it SO SIMPLE. Everyone keeps their stuff together. They show you how to put on a wetsuit with other people that don’t know how to put on wetsuits. They tell you how to get into the water. they give you things to focus on while you’re swimming. Seriously any question you have you can ask. it’s amazing. I’m SO glad i finally sucked it up and did it!!

So if you’re hesitant of trying something new i know it’s easier said than done but just freaking do it. You’ll be so glad you did!!

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