21 day fix extreme day 1: plyo fix extreme


Fully drenched in sweat after that one! 5 rounds, 2 exercises per round, 30 seconds per exercise, do each exercise twice. Sounds simple enough, right? Oh man…. It was rough! My legs were ON FIRE!! Felt awesome to finish though!

Round 1: squat jumps + split squat jumps

Round 2: single leg squat jumps + jump from 1st position to 2nd position

Round 3: burpee w/tuck jump + square squat jumps (squat jump forward, right, back, left)

Round 4: skater w/row + calf jumps

Round 5: 3 direction squat thrusts (ski abs) + sumo squat w/lateral hop

Bonus round: 60 seconds of crossover lunge squat jumps (lunge right, jump to center and squat, jump to left and lunge, etc)

It was bananas yo! But felt awesome to finish strong! 

I did this workout back in 2015 to prep for a cruise and it worked awesome so I can’t wait to see my results this time around! I’ll post meal plans as well, of course, but will be straying from the plan a bit to add extra carbs for my swim/bike/run training!

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