21 day fix extreme day 1: the food

Breakfast: vegan chocolate shakeology + 1/2 frozen banana + cinnamon + 1 t Peanut Butter (red, purple, silver)

Snack: soy yogurt + mango + granola (red, purple, yellow)

Lunch: vegan egg sandwich (red x 2, green, yellow x 2)

Snack: oatmeal + berries (yellow, purple)

Dinner: nachos- 2 corn tortillas, cabbage slaw, lentil meat, pumpkin cheese sauce (yellow, green, red)


5 red

3 purple

4 yellow 

2 green

1 tsp

Overall felt full all day. Need to get in more greens!! And had lots of red… Never had that problem before! I’m ok with getting the extra since my measurements are “ish” so it may not really be that many. 

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