21 day fix extreme day 6: the workout

Dirty 30 extreme sure is dirty! Man that was a tough one!! All complex movements so your upper AND lower body will be nice and sore!

The workout is 3 rounds, 2 exercises per round, do each round twice

Round 1:

Left curtsy lunge with 1/2 moon shoulder raise (I started these with 6# light weights and had to go down to 3!)

Repeat on right

Squat + shoulder press

Round 2:

Push ups with a renegade row

Right side lunge w/sword pull

Repeat on left

Round 3:

Right single leg squat with upright row

Repeat on left

Right lunge with a row + balance hammer curl

Repeat on left

Bonus round:

60 seconds of plank with one arm stretched to the side and opposite leg raised back. Then crunch. SO HARD!! Switch sides after 30 seconds

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