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Have you heard of Amazon Prime Now?? I was at Sprouts a couple weeks ago (my local grocery store) and I saw a sign that they were available via prime now. Say wha?! My friends in Chicago told me of this magical invention but last I checked it wasn’t available in San Diego. Did we finally get lucky enough to get access? Yep! We sure did!

What is prime now? It’s basically amazon prime but you get your delivery in TWO HOURS. yep. two hours. so it’s for things you need urgently like groceries. which is exactly what i decided to use it for. I sit down every week, make my list on paper, transfer it to my app, and then go to the store and buy everything. and end up spending a bunch of time and money at the store because i grab things i don’t actually need. candy bars. chips. pop. whatever. usually it’s junk food. occasionally it’s mango or some other fruit i find on sale. so by shopping on the app you miss out on those gems. The delivery costs NADA. the only extra charge is a tip and i’m fine with paying $5 for the convenience and also saving on those random things i’d pick up. Another down side is if you’re buying something from the bulk section and you want, say 1/2 pound of cashews, you can’t get it- it comes in pre-determined sizes. at least at my sprouts.


  • convenient
  • save on splurge/impulse purchases
  • save time
  • save stress
  • no delivery fee!
  • you can order from multiple places so if sprouts doesn’t have something maybe another store does… and the app will automatically tell you that


  • you’re not shopping produce that necessarily looks best- someone else is picking it for you
  • you’re not necessarily getting the best sales
  • less selection than what’s in the actual store
  • $20 minimum order


So i tried it. i got a bunch of produce and things i needed to stock up on. somehow my whole week of groceries only cost just over the $20 minimum! well… then i had to go to trader joe’s and spend $10 to stock up on soy milk. so $30 for a week of home cooked awesomeness? i’ll take it! so would i do it again? abso-freaking-loutely. i wish they had my soy milk but i’m ok stopping at TJ’s every now and then to stock up on my cheap soy milk! i think my grocery shopping will now primarily be done this way… saves me so much time that i can be spending working on other things that are more important. i definitely suggest you try it!!

and as a side note, i was wondering if it would be delivered to my concierge like a UPS package or directly to my door like pizza delivery… it was delivered to my concierge area so i had to go down and pick it up. would be way awesomer if it was right to my door but that’s mostly because i’m lazy!

happy shopping!

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