Cali dreamin

Good morning from moonlight beach! When I visited Cali a few years ago I stopped by the beach after one of my training classes and though “why don’t people that live here do this every day?”. Well…now that I live here I find that I don’t get to the beach nearly as much as i want to!  It’s just a hassle driving through traffic, finding parking, getting all sandy… Who am I?! What is this? Those are ridiculous excuses for skipping one of the most beautiful things about this town! Every few days I have a crazy surreal pinch me moment where I have to stop and wonder “am I dreaming? Is this really my life?!” I feel so grateful all the time for the privilege of living in what I consider the most beautiful city in the country (factoring in weather here… Chicago obviously has my heart) that I’m going to make the commitment to get to the beach at least once a week at least for a little bit and start each day with my gratitude list- writing down three things I’m grateful for that day. Because shoot… There’s so much to be grateful for! 


Will you join me in creating an attitude of gratitude and doing a daily writing (electronic or on paper) of 3 things you’re grateful for?


What’s something you wish you took more advantage of in your home town (museums? Visiting family? Parks?) that you’re going to make a real effort to do more of now?



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