Hammer & Chisel

Wanna know why I’m so excited about the Master’s Hammer & Chisel? Because it looks a-ma-zing!! Some highlights?

  • 12 different workouts so you don’t get bored! I love programs where you do something different every day. Don’t get me wrong, P90X is awesome with chest & back monday, plyo tuesday, yoga wednesday, etc. But i kinda like the unpredictability of having something different every day that’s not the same order week over week. plus, ya know, it has body sculpting benefits!
  • It’s resistance training, which i love!
  • There’s a meal plan included to help you make sure you’re fueling your body properly and even tells you what to do if you’re feeling laggy in energy or just still hungry after you’ve eating your allotted containers (yep… those same awesome containers from the 21 day fix!)
  • It’s a 60 day program and you need to have dumbbells. It’s also making me consider buying a workout bench though you don’t need one- you just need a stability ball


But wait… there’s more!

If you sign up with me to get the program you’ll get access to my exclusive (seriously not a lot of people will be in this group) coaching support group with daily check ins and weekly one on one consultations to keep you on track throughout the program. And if you’re one of the first ten people to sign up with a challenge pack you’ll get your choice of a Moxie Fitness Apparel tank top, perfect for everything from working out to running errands.


ready to learn more and sign up? Fill out the simple form at http://goo.gl/forms/kM1wlDHo1W to get started!

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