HEALTHY Cookie Dough Shake!

I know… it seems too good to be true. but with the latest Protective Diet recipe to come out (cookie dough bites) it’s now official… I’m 100% PD! Well… at least for the next 30 days. and 100%ish. I’m still drinking shakeology daily. but anyways… I’m loving this new cookie dough bite recipe. it’s SO freaking good. i’m eating non-stop cookie dough all day long. and don’t even feel guilty because it’s basically oats and soy milk. yep. it’s that simple.


SO the recipe:

1 Batch of Frosty + 1/2 C Soy Milk
2-3 Cookie Dough Bites, cut into 4-5 pieces per ball
1 T Cacao Nibs

  1. Make the frosty & add the extra soy milk. Add more or less to achieve your desired consistency
  2. Stir in cookie dough bites & cacao nibs
  3. Enjoy!

I know… sounds too easy to be real, right? and where are the details? how do you make the cookie dough bites or the frosty? Well links to those recipes are up there and if you aren’t a paid member of the protective diet community what in the world are you waiting for?! not convinced? never fear! Alternative cookie dough recipes can be found here, here, and here!



And in the spirit of full disclosure, I am an Amazon affiliate, Thrive Market Affiliate, and Protective Diet affiliate but i would *NEVER* share anything with you that i didn’t use and love myself! Use my links or go there on your own- i just want you finding the good stuff!

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