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So far 2016 is off to a great start food-wise! I’ve tried a bunch of new recipes and have a new strategy to get my meals planned & make sure i’m sticking to a plan (and even making room for going out to eat!). The key is PLAN PLAN PLAN!! There are a couple strategies to plan your meals for the week.


Go into the grocery store with a rough idea in mind (salads, soups, tofu, etc) and get fresh produce based on what’s on sale. Get what looks good and what sounds good to you. This strategy gives you some flexibility to throw meals together throughout the week based on what you’re craving that day and if plans pop up you’ve got that flexibility to change your meal plan. And then you’re cooking throughout the week and eating things when they’re fresh out of the oven


I’m a virgo so i need a crazy detailed plan. that’s just me. I search the internet and cookbooks to find the recipes i want to make for the week. Then i figure out what ingredients i’ll need to make those recipes and either i put the ingredients i need to buy into thrive, amazon prime now, or the buy me a pie grocery app.

SO once i have my plan together i make a little menu in Canva because i like to hang my meal plan on my wall. you can write it in a note on your phone, put it in your calendar, write it on a white board, or just wing it! just figure out what works best for you! Personally I like to see my menu all week long and i like to do all my cooking on sundays when i have extra time. i love being in the kitchen so spending a few hours at a stretch in there isn’t hard for me. but figure out what works for YOU.

and if you’re looking for meal inspiration i’m going to start posting my weekly meal plans in here. i’ll post links to recipes whenever i have them too so you can make all sorts of deliciousness as well. Enjoy!!

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Meal Plan week of 1-11 (1)

Green Smoothies:
Burrito Bowl:
Tuscan Tofu Scramble:

Orange Chicken:

Popcorn Shrimp:

Chorizo Tacos:

Taco Slaw:

Fat Free Fredo:

Meal Plan Week of 1-4 (1)

I know this is just mean but this week I was testing out recipes for a new book that hasn’t been released yet so i can’t share them with you yet… suffice to say they’re going to be amazing and worth the wait!!

Meal Plan Week of 1-18 (1)

I strongly encourage you to get a copy of Isa Does It, which contains many of the recipes i made this week. She really has my favorite foods!

Green Smoothies:

Fat Free Fredo:

Hot & Sour Soup:

Squash Soup:


Ranch Salad w/Smoky Chickpeas & Potatoes:

“Beef” and Asparagus Stir Fry:

Glam Chowder:

Meal Plan Week Of 4-18-2016


Protein Shakes: I’m just using Vega Protein

Mac & Cheeze:

Caesar Dressing 1:

Caesar Dressing 2:


Roasted Veggie Deep Dish Pizza:

Meal Plan Week of 5-9

PD Cookie Dough Bites:

PD Cheezeburger Mac:

PD Birdseed:

BBQ Tempeh Tacos:

Meal Plan Week of 6%2F13

PD Cookie Dough Bites:

Isa Does It Cookbook for the tacos:

Isa Does It recipe for the kale salad:

Cookin’ Crunk Cookbook (for the pear salad):

Going Raw Cookbook (for the fruit salad):

Spicy Asian Noodle Salad:

Hot Diggity Dogs:

TurboFit Meals

Recipes at the post at

Let me know how you like the recipes and if you have any questions!

And in the spirit of full disclosure, I am an Amazon affiliate, Thrive Market Affiliate, and Protective Diet affiliate but i would *NEVER* share anything with you that i didn’t use and love myself! Use my links or go there on your own- i just want you finding the good stuff!

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