P90X3 Half Way Review


I started P90X3 39 days ago and holy cow it feels so good to be back!! I started getting into fitness a few years ago with ChaLEAN extreme & followed that up with the original P90X. It was amazing. They even have this extensive directory of nutritious supplements that kept me going. I changed my body, changed my confidence, and felt great. and then i started running and got away from lifting. Over the last couple years I’ve done a lot of running and random workout DVDs like TurboFire, Combat, Les Mills Pump, some Jillian Michaels workouts etc. I ran a bazillion 5ks, a half marathon, and the Chicago marathon. I have exercise ADD! The last thing I stuck to consistently was P90X.



To get me back into consistently doing something, I’m doing P90X3 with a challenge group. The challenge group I’m in is on Facebook and is being run by a coworker I’m friends with. A few of our other coworkers are in it as well but other than that I don’t know anyone in there. I’m learning all about them now though! It helps keep me accountable- I post in there every day and so does almost everyone else. We all help lift each other up when we’re struggling and share tips about exercises and vent about our struggles. I’d highly recommend joining a challenge group to anyone who struggles with accountability when working out alone!

p90x3 yoga teds chair

So… how am I liking the workouts? i’m loving them!! i love tony horton’s sense of humor. i mean… he’s hilarious. he keeps me cracking up through really intense workouts. I’ll do detailed reviews of each workout but overall I love them all. My least favorite workout is MMX- a martial arts type workout- I’m biased toward combat! My favorites are the weight lifting ones- the leg workout during block 2 has been pretty amazing. even the yoga has been great (i wasn’t a fan of the p90x yoga- p90x2 yoga was pretty sweet). I can see changes week over week and have already lost over 4 inches all over my body! I haven’t been dropping pounds like I want to but I can definitely see some positive changes and that’s what matters!!

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