Semolina Flour vs White Flour vs Whole Wheat Flour: i heart pasta

You may have noticed that I have been obsessed with making my own pasta lately if you follow me on instagram or facebook but has it been a healthy change?? Likely not, when you look at the facts! Whole wheat pasta seems to be generally healthier than the homemade pasta I’m rocking from semolina flour, though not by a ton. The whole wheat pasta definitely wins out in being, well, whole. And it has three times as much fiber and twice as much calcium. Tons more phosphorus, potassium, and manganese too. But semolina flour kicks ass when it comes to selenium, folate, and thiamin. And not surprisingly white flour loses the battle in fiber, phosphorus, potassium, and selenium. The beauty of whole wheat flour is that it uses all three parts of the wheat, where the processed flours have less of that goodness… AKA less of that nutrition. But semolina flour at least retains more than white flour!

Come onnnn I just want to eat my homemade pasta all day!! I actually started this off trying to investigate the glycemic index/glycemic load which tells you about the blood sugar spike you see when you eat certain foods, but things like what else you eat with a food and even how long you cook pasta can change that out and the numbers i was finding were all over the place so i left them off the table. Though what i read generally agreed that semolina flour had a lower glycemic index than whole wheat pasta. But again, that could be meaningless if you’re eating a pound of buttered semolina pasta vs whole wheat pasta tossed with spinach.

Flour Type Calories Protein Carbs Fat Fiber Calcium Iron Phosphorus Potassium Selenium Manganese Folate Thiamin
Semolina Flour (100g) 360 13g 73g 1g 4g 17mg 4.36mg 136mg 186mg 89.4mcg 0.619mg 183mcg 0.811mg
Whole Wheat Flour (100g) 340 13g 72g 2g 11g 34mg 3.6mg 357mg 363mg 61.8mcg 4.067mg 44mcg 0.502
White Flour 366 10g 76g 1g 2g 20mg 5.06mg 107mg 149mg 14.6mcg 0.818mg 170mcg 0.736

So i guess I’ll stick with my store bought whole wheat pasta until i can create a delicious and easy whole wheat homemade recipe! And I’ll have the semolina pasta as a little treat because it’s so darn delicious!!

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