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so i recently read about Thrive Market in the Moxie Fitness newsletter and was intrigued. I’d heard it mentioned on a couple podcasts previously as well and figured i might as well check it out- what did i have to lose? It’s free to register and you get 15% off your first purchase. plus your first month is free so if you purchase some stuff for that 15% off and then cancel really you haven’t lost anything. So i checked it out. and holy cow. there is so much good vegan and organic stuff on there!! you can navigate to a section of the site and filter down by your preferences… like if you’re paleo or vegan or have a dairy allergy. or you can just shop the whole site with a preference selected. so for me i just picked that i’m vegan and then every section i went to showed me just the vegan things. SAY WHAT?! that’s awesome. and they don’t only have food products- there are household cleaning things and beauty products too! UM score.


so obviously i got a bunch of stuff. i love shopping online because i’m impatient when i’m at the store. honestly people ask me if groceries are more expensive in san diego than chicago and i can’t tell them because i never look at prices. not because i’m rich but because i’m lazy and impatient. is it vegan? do i need it? is it pretty clean? SOLD! but when i’m shopping online i can take my time and check the ingredients… see if i can get things cheaper elsewhere, or just be lazy and add to my cart. but i’m more likely to compare two products online than in the store for sure. so i love online shopping. there were some things i got that i could’ve gotten cheaper at Amazon but for the most part i got some things for some pretty great prices!

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 11.45.42 AM

Price comparison as of 11/26/15

you do pay an annual fee (right now it’s just about $60) so like buying from costco or sam’s club you pay your annual membership fee. but dude if you get the stuff here that you would normally get elsewhere for less you’re totally saving money! so in the long run, just like costco or sam’s, you’ll save money. i’m pretty excited to have found it! plus who doesn’t love getting a fun box of goodies in the mail?! AND you get free shipping if you spend more than $49. i spend $49 by blinking so that’s pretty easy for me to hit.


oh! and when you shop normally you only are getting food for yourself/your family (typically). but when you join thrive a low income family gets a free membership. um hi. have you heard of food deserts? some people can’t go to their local sprouts and get organic herbs and they can’t pop over to whole foods for some nutritional yeast. those places would be road trip distance. enter online shopping! but getting these kinds of high quality products can be expensive. so getting them at lower prices than at the store or on amazon? UM brilliant. especially for people that really need it! so when you join you can feel even better about doing something great for the world! yeah… i know… i’m smitten. So check it out at

NOTE: i do have an affiliate link so if you join through my link ( i’ll get credit… but seriously i just want to share this awesome company so if you don’t want to use my link go straight to and just check it out! seriously what do you have to lose?!

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