Vegan Keto?!

I’ve decided to try it again. I’ve tried it before… kinda. But this time i’m really going to give it the good ol’ college try.

And i’m not going to stress about it.

I’m doing the one3one program from Chalene Johnson and I am going to give it what i can. We’re in week 2 and this phase is about revving up your metabolism and trying some new things. cutting out inflammatory foods. switching to using fat instead of carbs for fuel. i’ve been kind of anti-keto most of my life but figure i’ll try it for a couple weeks just to see.

ketosis is a state of metabolic function where your body is using fat for fuel instead of carbs. your body will use whatever is most readily available to fuel it. and when you don’t give your body the easy quick burn fuel (glucose + glycogen) it’ll resort to fat. i always was kind of against this because, well, why not give your body what it is most used to and what it uses most easily? Obviously that’s the most natural way to live and the least stress on your body. plus fat, even healthy fat, can thicken your blood which to me makes me think it’ll make it harder for your muscles to get things it needs. who would want that?! but then you see amazing endurance athletes following a ketogenic diet. and others following a high carb low fat diet. so what’s the best one?

i think it depends.

maybe it depends on your body but i think moreso it depends on YOU. what’s most do-able for you? i think if you follow any sort of whole food way of eating you’re probably doing pretty good.

and then i started reading more about ketosis and ketogenic diets. yes… this stuff is fascinating to me. and logically it makes sense that back in the day (like way way back) our bodies evolved to burn fat sometimes & burn carbs other times depending on what was available. but our bodies have evolved since then as well since it’s been quite some time since we had the whole hunter/gatherer thing. so maybe there’s some truth to that? or maybe evolution takes longer than that so maybe our bodies still want the whole “high fat/low carb” thing sometimes and “high carb/low fat” other times? i have no idea.

what i love about the one3one plan is you cycle your diet. you do the low carb thing, sure. but not forever. AND there is a constant emphasis on DO YOUR OWN THING. and doing what works to maintain your sanity. and education on WHY you might want to try ketosis (ghrelin and leptin are my new bffs) and anything they’re suggesting. and don’t ask “can i eat…” because the answer is always “you can eat whatever you want. you’re an adult.” so it gives you the facts and information to make your own decisions.

so i’m gonna try this for a couple weeks but kind of loosely (because life. and travel. and holiday stuff). but i think it’ll be interesting to see how i feel eating less carbs, more fats, and in a shorter eating window (shooting for 8 hours).

people get reallllly fiesty (including me) when you start talking about eating high carb/low fat or high fat/low carb so i’m gonna do the best i can at keeping posts about it neutral (no fighting!) but i’d love to hear more about your thoughts on both ways of eating. and of course either way i’m doing it 100% vegan because animals are awesome.

wish me luck!!!

Disclaimer: i’m not a nutritionist or expert. i’m just testing this stuff out! please always consult your physician or registered dietitian before changing your diet.

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