What’s on my plate: Week of August 15

TurboFit Meals Week of August 15

You guys! I’m so sorry I’ve slacked on posting my weekly meal plans here! I’m back on it though and this week is a super delicious week!! I’ve been adding boosts to my morning shakes because I’m deep into tri training + The Master’s Hammer & Chisel so I need a little extra something for my body! I’m going to try to give it every tool possible (including rest!) to help it stay healthy for me! I chose maca, spirulina, and mushrooms because they were recommended in Rich Roll’s book “The Plantpower Way” and since he’s a cramazing plate based triathlete I figure he knows a thing or two about this stuff.

For my overnight oats I wish I had a legit recipe for you but basically it’s a yellow container of oats (~1/2 C), enough soy milk to cover the oats, a teaspoon of chia seeds and 1/4 container of blueberries, because I made 4. If I was making 5 i would’ve used 1/5 container. See how exact I am?


these lunches are the BOMB. The mexican mac & cheeze was SO easy to make and i added in tofu + spinach at the end of mixing it all together just to give it a little extra something. It’s a protective diet recipe so you know it’s healthy and delicious!! Get it here: https://protectivediet.com/recipe/mexican-mac-and-cheese?affiliate=36

Then for the arugula salad first I roasted chickpeas by draining and rinsing a can of chickpeas and then tossing them with some garlic lovers seasoning from Flavor God. Then I roasted them at 375 for almost an hour, checking them every 10-20 minutes to toss & make sure they weren’t burnt. It took a long time to crisp them up but man do they add an awesome crunch to the salad!! And for the dressing I mixed 1 tsp tahini with a splash of water, some garlic powder, and about a tablespoon of nutritional yeast. sometimes i throw in a dash of salt. I just keep adding water until it’s the right consistency.


Dinners are delightful lentil tacos! i cooked my lentils a bit too long so they’re super mushy but still super tasty! I used flavor god’s Taco Tuesday seasoning to season them and added some sauteed garlic and onions to the mix. topped with red cabbage and 1/4 avocado and voila!!

So if you’re a 21 day fixer counting containers here’s the breakdown:

Breakfast: 1 Red (shakeology) + 1 Purple (fruit in the shake) + 1 tsp (PB)

Snack: 1 Yellow (oats) + 1 Purple (fruit) + 1 Orange (Chia)

Lunch: 2 Red (Tofu + Garbanzos) + 3 Green (Spinach + Arugula + Cheesy Sauce) + 1 Yellow (Pasta) + 1 tsp (Tahnini)

Snack: 1 Green (Broccoli) + 1 Yellow (Brown Rice)

Dinner: 1 Red (Lentils) + 1 Green (Cabbage) + 1 Yellow (Corn Tortillas) + 1 Blue (Avocado)


4 Red
2 Purple
5 Green
4 Yellow (2 Yellow A, 2 Yellow B)
1 Orange
1 Blue
2 tsp

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