Books that changed my life

Today I’m sharing the top three books that changed my life, even if I didn’t realize they were changing my life when I read them!!

1. Creating Your Best Life: I got this book recommendation from my St. Louis BFF when I was in a really dark place. I was legit daydreaming about crashing my car into a wall on the regular and just felt like there was no purpose to my life. So I asked for this book for Christmas and Santa delivered! My bff suggested I read the book all the way through and then go back and do the exercises but I tried that and gave up. I was just too excited to jump in and get them done! And I did them with pen and paper and really put a lot of effort into it. The exercise that had me write my eulogy from the perspectives of various people in my life really changed my life- it really makes you think about how you want people to remember you… what mark you want to make on the world. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for purpose or guidance on truly creating your best life.

2. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius: I had no idea what i was in for when I drunkenly got this book from a friend at a used bookstore. You may not know my dad died unexpectedly a week before I graduated from college and it really threw me. I mean obviously. I think one of the best things someone said to me was that they were there for me and their father had died too but the experience is different for everyone. Which is SO true! Every single person processes every death so differently! In reading this book I could relate to so much around my own feelings about his death and just felt understood or something. It really resonated with me! But of course since it is such a personal thing and so different for everyone it may not resonate with you. But man oh man did I love this book. And somehow in my mind it ties to the broken social scene song anthems for a seventeen year old girl. No idea.

3. Eat to Live: this one was recommended by my best friend from college. I remember reading about water sautéing and eating vegan and thinking it was insane. But it must’ve planted some seeds! I was like “let’s see what this water sautéing thing really is” and man it’s the bomb! I legit never cook with oil any more! And obviously the vegan thing stuck!! I’m not 100% in alignment with dr. Fuhrman’s way of thinking but he’s probably pretty darn close to right about most things when it comes to nutrition. Definitely a good read! GBOMBS baby!

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