The Pod Squad

I love Chalene Johnson’s podcast group name so much- the pod squad! And I love being a part of it! Annnnyways… this week I’m sharing my love of podcasts by sharing my favorites with you guys! I broke them into three categories but let’s be real… most of them span multiple categories.


  1. Bowie vs Dylan- I never knew much about either but now I love them both. Listening to these brothers comparing Bowie and Dylan is laugh out loud hilarious and I’m learning lots about Bowie and Dylan in the process
  2. Fatal Voyage- I also never knew much about Natalie wood and I’m completely fascinated by her story!!
  3. Serial- loved season 1 SO much. Season 2 not as much. Season 3 in the middle. Def listen to season 1 though- it’s truly fascinating!
  4. S-Town- this one I listened to driving to Vegas. The drive back to San Diego from Vegas is torture but on this trip I couldn’t wait to get back into my car and listen more!


  1. Trust and Believe- Shaun T is so real and so inspiring I legit laugh and cry out loud mid-run when I listen to this one
  2. The Chalene Show- Chalene Johnson is one of the biggest influences in my life that got me to where I am today and her podcast is one of the things that got me here. Lots of health related stuff here too so hard to pick just one category but even the knowledge bombs she drops related to health are inspirational
  3. The Rich Roll Podcast- these podcasts are loooong but so good for long car rides or runs! I’m totally obsessed with the format and content and get inspired by these guests constantly.


  1. Yogi Triathlete- a blend of learning about their adventures and interviews with other athletes. I just love the vibe and their mindful take on endurance sports
  2. No Meat Athlete- one of my faves! Been listening forever and love the community it has created! Lots of amazing tips from doing your first marathon (or ultra!) to proper nutrition to meditation. They’ve got all areas covered! And they do it in an entertaining and engaging way.
  3. The Purple Patch Podcast- Matt Dixon wrote one of my fave tri books (fast track triathlete) so it’s not surprising he also has one of my fave podcasts. Def targeted toward triathletes
  4. In The Flow- Jackson Long (formerly from the thought for food podcast) started this gem and geeks out on cycling, nutrition, and life. And I dig it!
  5. Nutrition Rounds- Dr. Danielle Berlado breaks down nutritional science in a way I can understand it and I totally geek out on this stuff so I love this pod!

Do you listen to any podcasts??? I’d love to hear which ones!

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