Making Travel Easy Peasy

Travel can be stressful if you don’t travel a lot. and it can be stressful if you DO travel a lot. Travel can just be stressful in any case! If you don’t travel a lot then you might not know the best way to pack or forget things. and if you do travel a lot it can get tricky to remember what city or time zone you’re in! Don’t you worry- I’ve got you covered with my top five tips to make travel a piece of (vegan) cake!

1. Have a travel toiletries bag. Make sure the containers are all 3oz or less and stored in a clear plastic bag. No matter how often you travel it’s always handy to have this ready to go so you don’t have to worry about making last minute trips to target to grab 3 oz bottles. Get a clear plastic bag with refillable bottles and have it always ready to go with your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, contact solution, etc. Get a travel toothbrush and toothpaste. Store it all together under your sink or even in your suitcase! That way whenever you plan a trip you know you’ll have the essentials ready to rock!

2. Make a list of things you always need to travel. It’ll be a little different for everyone but having that list will come in handy every time you travel no matter what you’re doing! My list is pretty standard but yours might be a little different. I just multiply by the # of days i’m traveling and what i’m doing and sometimes i don’t need multiple outfits per day- just depends on the nature of my travel. but it helps to think about these things every time to make sure i’m not forgetting anything!

  • Day Top
  • Day Bottoms
  • Night Top
  • Night Bottoms
  • Workout Top
  • Workout Bottoms
  • Day socks
  • Workout Socks
  • Sports Bra
  • Underwear
  • Day Bra
  • Night Bra (let me tell ya- it gets awkward when you need a strapless bra for your night outfit and all you brought was your regular bra! Get a good convertible bra and that makes things easier!)

3. Firstly flights can be expensive and not everyone is comfortable to travel long distances next to a troubling passenger. Before booking a flight, look at other better options like Jettly. You can easily charter a private jet from anywhere in the world. You can click here to read more on their web site. Secondly, bring an empty water bottle with you! It’ll save you $$ from having to buy water after going through security and will help save the world and all from extra plastic! Lots of airports have those awesome water bottle filling stations now so you can fill up your bottle after getting through security and stay hydrated while you travel- a key to avoiding jet lag! And you’ll already have your bev on the plane and won’t be tempted by sugary pop options like I always get (why is it that i always want ginger ale on airplanes?!)

4. Make an offline playlist and store it to your phone before leaving the house. Download songs to your phone or computer or tablet before leaving the house so you have in-flight entertainment. Some flights that are far too long don’t have ANY entertainment options. I know… #2015problems. But seriously i got on a flight once that had no options for entertainment and i forgot to download songs to my new phone first so i was stuck listening to the same song on repeat on my laptop since that was all i had on there. not cool. Spotify premium has the ability to download songs to play when you’re offline! (this is super handy when you’re running too and your connection isn’t consistent!)

5. Plan your food! Bring snacks like bars and nuts/seeds/fruit/whatever floats your boat. Bringing snacks helps avoid random airport junk and you never know when you’re gonna hit a crazy delay or miss a flight- always better to be prepared! My first stop when I travel is always a grocery store whenever possible but sometimes you just can’t get to the store so try to pack things that will last like baked chips and pasta salad and date balls. I have a little blender now too that i bring with me when i travel and that has made my morning shakes MUCH tastier!! you can make it work if you PLAN!!

I’d love to hear your travel tips & see if these help you at all!! Comment below & let me know! xoxo

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