PiYo = Pilates + Yoga + So Much More!

So… I love me some yoga. And pilates. I remember the first pilates DVD i did back in 2003 or somewhere around there. I was very diligent and did it every day for two weeks. And you know what? All my clothes started fitting better! And true to my nature, i of course decided i had succeeded and stopped doing it. and my clothes went back to fitting the way they did before. Yoga I never did daily or anything like that but not for lack of wanting to! I love me some core power hot yoga from a yoga studio in Nashville, TN! and regular yoga! it just was never alluring enough to get me to commit regularly.

Enter PiYo.


PiYo is so much more than just a marriage of yoga & pilates- it’s for ADDish people like me that don’t like all the static movements. I understand why those are important too… but I like the extra oomph i get with PiYo! it’s all body weight and let me tell you- it’ll make you sweat! you will feel it in your booty and your shoulders and your triceps and you’ll see it there too!

Warrior 3

I tried PiYo with a challenge group and the accountability was amazing! I know when I lead challenge groups I’m automatically accountable but joining them is so helpful for me too! I hate letting people down so i feel like in challenge groups I have to work out every day and eat as clean as possible or i’ll be letting the other challengers down, even if they’re strangers IRL. it’s crazy!

So back to PiYo… what do you get when you buy it?

The DVDs

  1. Align: The Fundamentals- gets you started so you know proper form etc.
  2. Define: Upper Body- kickass workout for your, well, upper body. Modifications for everything are included!
  3. Define: Lower Body- want to feel it when you walk down some stairs? This workout is for you! I love that “I worked hard and my body is telling me so” feeling!
  4. Sweat- This workout has a bunch of moves that will make you sweat! I don’t know how your heart rate gets up so fast doing some sun salutations but believe me- you will be literally dripping sweat!
  5. Core- You work your core in almost every move in PiYo but this focused workout will really help define those core ab and back muscles!
  6. Drench- Another workout that will really get your heart rate up! I love starting my day with this workout!
  7. Strength Intervals- Only 25 minutes! And you build some serious muscle tone here. Again, lots of modifications so you can get through the workout no matter what level you’re at!
  8. Sculpt- More muscle building, sweating, and adding length to your muscles.
  9. Buns- This bonus workout makes your booty burn!! (in a really good way of course!)


The Plan

You get a calendar for 60 days of PiYo awesomeness that includes a plan if you buy the super special extras. But if you don’t then the 60 day plan will work too! Plus you get a tape measure for taking your “before” and “after” measurements- trust me… you really want to do this!! So worth it!

Who Should Do This?

Everyone!! Except some people. So if you can’t do push ups because you have a wrist or shoulder injury (I’m looking at you Jeanette & Mom) this might be hard for you- lots of downward dogs and push ups. If you can’t do a push up because you don’t have the strength yet, you should definitely do this program! you’ll build up that strength fast with all the PiYo pushups she has you doing! If you’re looking for a program that will help tone your muscles and build your flexibility without requiring a lot of equipment (read: you need nothing but your body) this is definitely for you. If you travel a lot and need something that you can do in a hotel bathroom (i’ve done it) this is for you. If you’re a crossfitter that doesn’t focus a lot on flexibility and restoring length to your muscles, this is for you. If you’re a runner that needs to strengthen their core and stretch your muscles to mix into all your runs, this is for you. So this program can add a lot to anyone’s lifestyle! You’re getting sweaty and strong without jumping around or lifting heavy weights (i do love jumping around and lifting heavy weights too!). Kind of fantastic!

Where to Get It?

From BeachBody of course! Check out the promo video & comment below or message me if you have any questions!

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