21 day fix extreme day 3: the food

No workout for me on day 3… Pilates fix extreme was on the schedule but I was planning on doing swimming for triathlon training. Alas laziness plus allergies got the best of me so I took an unplanned rest day. So it goes!

Breakfast: shakeology w/mixed berries and cinnamon (red, purple)

Snack: soy yogurt w/mango & granola (red, purple, yellow)

Lunch: 2 corn tortillas with lentil taco meat, cabbage slaw, and spinach (yellow, red, green)

Snack: way better foods sweet potato chips (2 tsp, yellow)

Dinner: whole wheat spaghetti with miyoko’s mozzarella and tofu (yellow, blue, and red)

Snack: grapes (purple)

So much yellow! I had a lot of spaghetti for dinner because I was just not feeling well and wanted some comfort food. Plus I was starving and couldn’t get full. I’m thinking all the workouts are upping my appetite but I need to make sure I’m fueling my body right when that happens. Whole wheat pasta is oooookay but there are lots of higher quality grains I could be using!

Side note: I was super pumped about the granola I found- I guess it’s not actually granola but all the granola I was looking at was full of sugar!

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