21 day fix seared tofu bowl

I love the 21 day fix because it makes me find awesome creative ways to prep tofu and tempeh! this is the fixate (21 day fix cookbook) ahi 🐠 rice bowl 🍚 with seared tofu instead of fishes! rice vinegar + tamari mixed with the rice and topped the tofu with sesame seeds and chopped green onions. oil free searing method used for the tofu. I skipped the pumpkin seed dressing for the tofu because I was feeling lazy and it was still the bomb. so simple, easy to throw together in a snap if the rice is already cooked, and super delish!! 2 yellows, 1-2 reds (depending how much tofu you used), and a tsp if you use oil for the searing (but I promise you won’t miss it if you skip it!). Let me know if you try it!!

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