Omgizzle NACHOS! (That are super quick easy and clean!)

So yesterday I sprained my ankle. And it’s a bad one! So I def wasn’t up for grocery shopping or any heavy cooking but want to keep things clean because sprained ankle = less cardio. Boo!

What’s a girl to do? Make clean nachos! Yep. And this is all from freezer food and pantry staples. Always keep a pack of clean tortillas in the freezer! Corn + water + lime = best tortillas out there. Tear em up and bake em and you have the chips. I always have beans on hand and today I used clean refried beans: water + black beans + salt. That’s it.

Then tossed in some spinach (always have frozen greens for emergencies!) and not-yo-cheeze sauce made from pumpkin, nutritional yeast, garlic, homemade almond milk, and onion powder- all things that live in my cabinets. So easy to throw together and feels like comfort food but so nice and clean! Maybe tomorrow I’ll add on some spicy tofu sofritas style! 

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