Mac and cheesiness of love

i love me some Mac and cheeze, as all good vegans do! I’ll take it in any way shape or form I can get my hands on it. It combines my two loves in life: carbs and cheese. So when I saw this recipe I jumped for joy that all the ingredients are part of my pantry staples! Score! 

I’d like to introduce you to this creamy bowl of love. And it only takes as long to make as it does to boil water and cook the noodles! Just blend up sauce ingredients while the water is boiling and then hear the sauce while the noodles cook. Miso adds that awesome umami, nooch makes it cheesy, cashews and tapioca starch make it dreamy and creamy. Oh yeah… This is going to be a staple for me!!

Wanna make it?? Head over to the oh-so-amazing vedged out blog and check it out and let me know if you love it as much as I do!!

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