21 Day Fix: Vegan Style

Did you know there’s now a 21 Day Fix VEGAN PLAN?! Yep. More things moved over to the red column (so there are more options than just tofu, tempeh, and veggie burgers!) and now there are two types of yellows AND you get more yellow containers in your days.



so what are all the 21 day fix approved foods for vegans these days? Right now they’re listed below… I have always struggled following the 21 day fix plan as a vegan but now I think it’s WAY more realistic! I mean I’ve done it, and it’s worked great, but now it’s just a little more sustainable rather than something I could only stick to for 21 days, ya know?

so how many of each container do you get? well, that depends. how many calories a day do you need? When you get the 21 Day Fix you get a handy dandy guide that helps you calculate your calorie bracket. and based on your bracket you get a certain number of containers in each bracket a day. For example, if you’re in the 1,200 – 1,499 bracket you should have 5 green containers, 1 purple container, 3 red containers, 3 yellow A containers, 1 yellow B container, 1 blue container, 1 orange container, and 2 silvers (teaspoons). Personally I use the green and purple containers as minimums and eat more veggies than recommended some days. Fruits I try to keep in check a bit more than veggies but I still don’t limit them too much.

1,200 - 1,499Calories

So what goes in these awesome containers? Lots of things!! Below is the current list of 21 day fix approved foods on the vegan plan. There are two categories of yellow containers now- yellow A that has more of the whole grains and yellow B that’s still awesome but tubers like sweet potatoes and more processed things like breads, bagels, and pastas. Yep… you can still eat bread, bagels, and pasta and adhere to the 21 day fix!

12 3

So is the 21 day fix all about food?? Nope… there are 30 minute workouts that go with it that you do 7 days a week. It’s the combination of exercise and nutrition that really makes the program work! BUT the nutrition is definitely the key… exercise is SO important, even if you are at your ideal weight, so make sure you’re not skipping out on that part too! Do you have to do the 21 day fix workouts to make the nutrition plan effective? Absolutely not. whatever fitness tugs at your heartstrings do that! You may find that you need to adjust your containers though depending on the workout program you’re doing so if you’re finding yourself hungry and you’re doing tons of muscle building workouts try adding in an extra red container. Or if you’re doing lots of endurance training add in some extra yellows. This is a guideline that works but adjust it to work for YOU. Every body is different and every lifestyle and circumstance is different so don’t focus so much on being perfect but focus on doing what works. Then you’ll get the results you want!

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