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so this month i’m doing an experiment… green smoothies every day! i was inspired by the ladies at Simple Green Smoothies. They have a program where you get recipes and shopping lists for a month of green smoothies! So far it’s been incredible and I’m loving it so much!

So should you drink your greens every day? The answer isn’t simple. Sometimes when you make a green smoothie you’re chocking it full of so much fruit you’re getting a huge sugar/calorie buzz and not really feeling full because it’s a liquid so you’re not getting as full as you would if you ate, say, a full banana, a cup of chopped pineapple, and a plate of spinach. On the other hand, would you sit there and eat a banana, cup of pineapple, and plate of spinach? If the answer is no, then maybe green smoothies are for you!

Let me be brutally honest. I hate salads. i just don’t like them. Sure… i enjoy a delicious salad every now and then… but generally speaking i dread salads. if i have to have a salad as a meal because a restaurant has no other options for me as a vegan i’m usually livid. so i know i’m not getting enough greens in my diet. would it be better for me to eat those greens? absolutely. is it better to get greens in a green smoothie than not get them at all? I sure think so! they’re giving me a crazy boost of nutrition every day that i’m drinking them!

So my plan is to keep drinking a daily green smoothie as long as i can keep it up. it adds a few extra ingredients to my shopping list but not really that much. it adds a couple extra minutes to my food prep for the day… but not that much. and it adds an extra sense of excitement when going for my morning snack every day!

For me, green smoothies are here to stay! So far my favorite was one made with pineapple, banana, soy milk, and kale. SO creamy and delicious!! and if you’re just getting started with green smoothies you should definitely check out and get their recipes! they’re SO good!

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    8 years ago

    I love that you are drinking simple green smoothies with me everyday! So healthy and delish! Way to make it a habit.

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