noun: consistency; noun: consistence; plural noun: consistencies; plural noun: consistences
  1. 1.
    conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness.
    “the grading system is to be streamlined to ensure greater consistency”


“They” say that consistency is the key to success. When I lived in Chicago I was super good at being consistent! I would wake up every morning nice and early and work out, I’d cook all day sunday, drink my shakeology on the way to work, eat my packed lunch at work, and have inner ready to heat up when i got home. when i was a smoker, i’d have my first cigarette in the car after i got on the expressway and if it was a particularly long ride the second one would be after the traffic jam sign by harlem. i did the same thing (with minor tweaks here and there) every day.


and then i moved to california. and i work from home.

i start work at 7am and don’t have a car ride. bye bye working out before work. bye bye shake in the car. (and also bye bye jason ellis in the car… possibly the biggest loss i’ve faced!). i have my fridge only feet away all day and a kitchen full of snacks. and the toughest part? i haven’t had the same schedule for 14 days in a row yet.


since i moved here i’ve been can’t stop won’t stopping around the country from san diego to portland to new york to chicago to orlando to phoenix… and that’s all in three months! so when i’m home in cali now i have my routine pretty much set up- i make my shake right before work or during my first break from meetings, i work out at 10am cali time (since that’s lunch time in chicago), and i hit up the sunday farmer’s market to prep food for the week on sundays. seems like all is going great… and then i head out of town again. and fall off track. and then i get back and try to re-adjust (which takes a couple days) and then by the time i have a routine going again, i head back to chicago.

how to solve this conundrum?

planning of course! when i head to chicago, there’s no reason i shouldn’t work out every day still. i can get back into my pre-work workout schedule, if i’m going into the office i can have my commuter shake & if not i can have my shake at my desk. i can prep food at my mom’s and if i’m staying at a hotel, i can stop by the grocery store when my flight gets in and get some quick meals i’ll enjoy.


no more excuses. and i can make that my “consistency”. my new consist is going to be inconsistent. i will have my consistent go-to plane snacks, my consistent hotel meals, and my consistent hotel work outs. and i’ll have my consistent at home “normal” plan. it’s all about the planning you guys and it can be done! who’s with me? what tricks do you have to stay consistent with your healthy habits when you travel?

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