Half marathon training

So… I’m going on a trip to Portland this summer! AND not only will i get to see two of my best friends in the world, but i will also get to do my first ever destination race! My bestie in portland is a runner as well and we’re going to do the wine country half marathon!


Unfortunately we don’t live in the same city but we definitely keep each other motived by texting before/during runs! One awesome thing about running with friends is getting tips on the best stuff out there for gear! if you’re just getting started with running, keep the gear to a minimum. you don’t want to spend a ton of money and then end up hating what you got! Or finding out you’re not really that into running. but seriously one of my favorite things about running is all the fun stuff i get to buy!

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so nina (see picture above) bought us these amazing from http://www.hippierunner.com. this one is mine for my triathlon and she got us matching ones (it will be a  surprise!) for our half marathon. I definitely like having a headband of some sort when i run and the cheap ones from target or walgreens will do, but really nothing comes close to something awesome like these!

Training for a half marathon or any race is always intense and critical to success on race day!! I definitely recommend following a training plan, either with a running group in your area (chi town peeps check out CARA for sure!) or from a website (Hal Higdon is famous for his!). If you don’t train properly, you might end up ramping up too quickly and injuring yourself, either temporarily or forever! this is serious business, friends, so don’t take this lightly. Running isn’t easy on the body and you need to make sure you properly ease into running to make sure you can run forever! (or for as long as you want)

Any runners out there have any training sites they like to use for race prep??

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