Max:30 Day 4

Ok. So i’m on day 4 and i’ve done 2 days of max:30. are you kidding me?! that’s what i get for starting this challenge on the road! But figured it would help keep me on track on the road better than normal, which it has for sure! BUT it’s h-a-r-d. So this morning 0% of me wanted to work out. i just wanted to sleep or do some other workout because my calves are SO sore. but i got my butt out of bed and i got dressed and put on my workout. and 2:14 into the workout i maxed out. i had to take a break during the warmup. you guys… that’s during the warm. up. the same warmup we did monday but today my legs were KILLING me. But i did it. i pressed on. and about a minute later my internet froze (i stream my workouts). i’m using the hotel wifi so you have to re-connect it every 24 hours. so i reconnect and i can get to every site but streaming beachbody for some reason wasn’t working! i closed my tab, my browser, refreshed the page. nada. so finally i gave up and just did PiYo round 40, which i LOVE. i think it was a sign that my calves needed a break and some stretching! normally i have more than a half hour to work out so i could get in some insanity + PiYo but for some reason when i’m here it takes me forever to get out of bed so i don’t have enough time to get both in. at least i got a solid half hour of PiYo in! And tomorrow i’ll get in my sweat intervals and maybe even the tabata as well because i have to catch up and get the friday workout in at some point this weekend! can’t get too far behind already!

MAX_30 Sweat Intervals_ FAIL!PiYo to the rescue!

Food was decent but ate out TWICE today soooo… it is what it is.

Breakfast: chocolate shakeology + 1/3 banana + peanut butter
Snack: seriously i need to stop skipping my snacks
Lunch: sushi (sweet potato & shiitake) + miso soup (yellow + 1/2 green)
Snack: Baby Carrots + Hummus (green + blue)
Dinner: Artichoke flatbread pizza + cedar plank tofu + a million mushrooms. seriously so many mushrooms! (red + green + yellow)

And because there weren’t enough mushrooms they gave me more!



Such an amazing night with my amazing friends… it’s so good spending time with like-minded people! amiright?!



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