Max:30 Day 3

Rocked my workout this morning! Holla! Did Tabata Power and from what I remember of doing max:30 in January this was my favorite workout but we’ll see… I may take back that statement! The hardest part of that one for me is the tricep section, so make sure to be energized. I usually get my supplements from this weblink and do recommend you to check it out if you want to improve your stamina and muscle mass. So how the workout works is there are sets of exercises you do, 4 exercises per set, and you do each exercise twice. When you do an exercise you do it for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds and then repeat it. The sets are broken down into four minute chunks followed by 30 second water breaks. The first chunk is lots of lunges (plyo lunges are KILLER!), the second set is non-stop tricep pushups (did 99% of them on my knees today), the third set is squats/power jumps, the fourth set is abs, and the fifth set is triceps. And the last set is just three non-stop minutes of a combo of moves you did in the five sets (30 seconds of lunge kicks, 30 seconds of tricep push up rows, 30 seconds of scissor kick abs, 30 seconds of tricep dips, and then a minute of power jumps). It’s not easy but it feels Soo good when you’re done! seriously if you’re not a morning person you don’t want to be around me after that workout because i’m so buzzed and pumped for the day!



Food-wise having planned meals is seriously the bomb.

Breakfast: Chocolate shakeology + 1/3 banana + 1 tsp PB
Snack: whoops… forgot to eat! got busy at work
Lunch: Tofu scramble w/spinach, mushrooms, tofu, & brown rice
Snack: Whoops- forgot to eat again! BAD HABIT! DON’T SKIP MEALS!!
Dinner: tofu stir fry with brown rice & veggies + summer rolls + red wine (2 yellow, 1 red, 1 green, plus a million tsp) << cheat meal

Going out to eat all week is tough but luckily i’ve been going to places that make it easier to stay on track! The real test will be staying on track this weekend. Tomorrow I’ll try to post my whole game plan for staying on track all weekend long!!


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