Mission: Vegan Grilled Cheeze


So I was crazy craving grilled cheese the other day but wasn’t in the mood to cook so posted in the local San Diego vegans facebook group (if you’re in a city and don’t know any local vegans check out local vegan facebook groups!). Little did I know there are a plethora of vegan grilled cheese options in this town! So off i set on my journey… it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it. First up: Gelato Vero Caffe Upstairs. I’ve wanted to try this place for ages but never make it because it’s not open weekday nights and… yeah I have no other good excuses. I will 100% be back… and often. Free wifi, cute tables, good music, awesome people, and vegan options. Hello my new Fritz! Well… not a lot of vegan pastries but maybe one day… they do have lots of vegan smoothies so really it’s better for me than eating delicious donuts!


On to the main event: the grilled cheese. One of the specials was a grilled cheeze with tomato soup. so i get to the counter super pumped for my meal but kind of dreading the soup as it was about a million degrees outside once again. and i excitedly order my plate of cheesy goodness. and the worst news ever: they’re all out. my heart broke. BUT then they said it was the SOUP they were out of and i could order the adult grilled cheese and sub the vegan cheese for the havarti they normally use. it also had a delicious tapenade and was on rosemary sourdough. that’s right. it was as amazing as it sounds!!


oooey gooey the right amount of extra flavor goodness and perfectly toasted bread. yep. i’d get this again. like every day of my life!! AND!!! i know… it doesn’t sound like it could get better but they had some extra smoky collard greens. yep. and they gave them to ME! SCORE!!!! delicious… every last bite. so yeah… i’ll be back. it’s a bummer they’re only open til 2 but that’s OK- i predict i’ll spend lots of weekend mornings here in the near future!



still on the list:

Veggie Grill (kid’s menu!)

Whole Foods 7th Ave Pub

Lotus Cafe

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