My Favorite Vegan Recipe Sources

OK… I think we all know I’m a food addict at this point… but where do i get my inspiration?? i have about a million cookbooks but lots of times i use the internet! I know… my poor dusty cookbooks. don’t worry- they do get a lot of use too. I just like to google an idea and see what recipes come up. like “vegan chicken and waffles”. nomnomnom. SO here are my favorite cookbooks & sites to get delicious recipes.

Websites Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s site (PPK = post punk kitchen) and it’s full of delicious recipes but the best part are the comments after the recipes with tweaks or other recipe inspiration. I can’t really pick a favorite from her site but definitely recommend you trying the fried “chicken” and waffles with pomegranate syrup. SO EFFING GOOD. and you get a recipe for your own homemade “chicken”. Her Caesar salad dressing is a staple in my house and i even have all the ingredients at work so i can whip it up if i ever need it when i’m in the office! My amazing friends Julie & Jerry run the protective diet site and it doesn’t disappoint! All plant based, oil free, sugar free, nut free, and additive free living a protective diet will protect your body from disease. Seriously if you eat this way it will render you virtually disease-proof. Filling your body with nonstop things it needs without poisoning it with things that are harmful is the best way to live your best life for sure! And with recipes like mini party pizzas, potato kale soup (FREE recipe!), cheeze fries, and super simple chili how can you go wrong?! If you join PD-Ed there’s a cost but it’s totally worth it for all the recipes and super educational classes! If you’re not ready to make that kind of investment though there are tons of free recipes too! I *am* an affiliate for them but sign up with or without my link- i just want you to try some of these amazing recipes! I feel like her recipes are more health-inspired but i think they’re really just pretty. i’ve never come across a bad one and her cookbook is beautiful! i want to work my way through the whole thing! i got my first ever steel cut oatmeal recipe from her and have made tons of amazing snacks and meals as well including the roasted chick peas and homemade SUPER simple crackers!



This is so hard. I love cookbooks. i want to read cookbooks all day long. is that weird? whatever. i’ll be weird. here are my favorites (but there are lots more that i love too!):

Veganomicon: Yep… more Isa Chandra Mozkowitz. AND Terry Hope Romero. I mean… she shares my name. and spells it right. this is like a vegan bible of so many amazing things… no specific focus. just awesome food.

Thug Kitchen: Yes… this cookbook is controversial. But what’s not controversial is the deliciousness of these recipes. NOM! All sorts of vegan goodness from chilaquiles to granola there’s something for everyone in here!

Fresh from the Vegan Slow Cooker: that’s right. a whole cookbook of vegan slow cooker recipes. including pizza. enough said.


I could seriously give recommendations all day long but would love to hear what YOU like! leave your favorites below!

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