Recovery Week: Friday

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Woot!! This week has felt all weird… like on tuesday it felt like thursday and yesterday felt like monday. it was weird. in some ways the week flew by and in others it DRAGGED. but we made it!! SO in the spirit of healing my body i rocked some PiYo today. i LOVE piyo. there were some adjustments i had to make because i really just can’t jump on my ankle right now but luckily PiYo makes it easy! Did PiYo round 38, which i haven’t done in ages! it was the first PiYo round i ever learned so it has a special place in my heart.

Got to enjoy a delicious outdoor rooftop lunch overlooking the ocean today too! A friend of mine from Chicago was in town so we met up at this rooftop yoga studio and enjoyed delicious plant based organic food. Got a lust smoothie while i waited (almond milk, banana, cacao, dates, cashews, maca, vanilla, cinnamon, cayenne, and cacao nibs) and got nachos for my meal… but these aren’t your traditional nachos! they are dehydrated corn chips with a cheesy sauce, chili, quinoa chorizo, avocado, cashew sour cream and pico. beautiful, delicious, and doesn’t leave you feeling gross!

I also got to take my dog to his first vet appointment, which was adorable. he’s SO good. he played with a HUGE great dane that was 155 pounds and that dog was a-ma-zing. let little giles jump all over him and didn’t blink an eye. too cute!

after our fun vet trip i came home and was tuckered out so i did something i rarely do and i ordered a pizza. back in the day this was at least a once a week occurrence but i don’t do that any more! alas i did it yet again (i ordered zpizza recently) but you know what? it’s ok. sometimes you just need some pizza and breadsticks. oh carby carbs… why are you so amazing?

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