PiYo: Day 1 (Monday)

Happy MONDAY!! WOOT WOOT! I love monday mornings. i know… i’m a crazy person. but seriously they are so nice to wake up to because it’s a fresh start. people always say they’ll start things on monday… and that’s exciting! i mean i don’t always want to get out of bed on monday mornings but once i do it’s always awesome. Started with PiYo: Lower Body and it was awesome. it’s a short workout though so next time i might double it up with something else… just doesn’t quite do it for me! maybe i’ll work some PiYo live rounds in with the DVDs that are shorter. we’ll see. i also had a meeting today with a company that helps match fitness instructors with places that need fitness instructors. score! so i have an audition/practical exam on wednesday and i’m terrified! i’ve never taught people before (besides my besties!) so i’m really really really really really really nervous. i know what i’m going to do so the next two days i’m just going to practice the crap out of those sections! wish me luck!!

Went to the BEARS/CHARGERS game tonight and that was so much fun!! not the healthiest night but got to see a good friend from Chicago that was in town for the game & got to watch the bears actually win! Nosebleed seats but whatever- we won!!


Breakfast: Shakeo + banana (red + purple)
Snack: Breakfast Brownie (purple)
Lunch: Mac & Cheeze + Creamed Kale (yellow + green)
Snack: Bagel (yellow)
Dinner: Popcorn + Cracker Jacks (yellow + UG)

I really need to watch my yellows!

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