PiYo: Day 2 (Tuesday) AKA my Dill-icious Day!

so today’s workout was practicing the same two PiYo sections over and over again. I recorded myself to critique myself but it’s hard to tell how good my cue-ing is because i know the moves so it sounds natural to me but might not be to someone who has no idea what’s coming up. i decided to rock the 80s PiYo round because the music is just so much fun!! seriously nervous for this audition thing tomorrow!

Dilly Rice

Dilly Rice

food-wise i woke up and realized my dill plant is seriously taking over my whole planter so searched for dill recipes. AKA asked facebook for suggestions. made a couple different things with it and holy cow. I made a dill dip and wanted to eat it out of a bread bowl so i made some EASY from scratch super clean bread. And let me tell you… this dip is insane. SO good. Then i also made a dill rice that’s fantastic! the dip is mostly tofu so that’s awesome for protein! super carby week going on here though. i love my carbs and i’m not scared to eat lots of them but this is a bit excessive. i really need to get more greens in my body! so i bought a bunch of spinach when i was at the store getting the dip ingredients.


spent the evening with two of my besties that are here in San Diego now but i rarely get to see them. so it was fun hanging out! We went to a martini bar that had a musical show going on and we had a good time catching up and drinking delicious martinis and eating yummy food! they don’t have anything vegan on the menu but the chef made me a salad topped with roasted veggies and pesto (they said their pesto was vegan… intriguing). It was super delicious!! and of course i got a side of fries because that’s how i roll. sigh. i’m the worst! i love my fries and whenever i get a dinner of just vegetables i eat fries with it. another bad habit!


wish me luck on this PiYo audition tomorrow- cross your fingers for me!

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