happy sunday! taking a rest day today since i haven’t done that since last weekend. and recovering from the beers last night! UG! And this is why i want to give up booze. like… forever. i hate feeling sluggish the next day. even if it’s not a hangover it’s like… not worth it to just not feel 100% all the time. ya know? So we’ll see… somehow i’ll get drinking out of my life! it’s just such a huge part of my social life. sigh. anyways… a topic for another day.

woke up feeling sluggish and wanted to have a big fun breakfast but didn’t want to make it. luckily my sister wanted the same thing so we made breakfast together! i made chocolate beer waffles from the vegan brunch cookbook and she made tofu breakfast sandwiches. DELICIOUS! and then i did my meal prep for the week: guiltless mac & cheeze, garlic & greens soup, creamed kale, and everything bagels. not necessarily a hugely planned out meal week but some delicious and healthy options in there! everything is super clean & vegan & oil free & sugar free. i freaking made bagels, you guys. that’s so awesome. yeah… i’m patting myself on the back. and giving myself a high five, brendan fraser style. see the video below. you’re welcome.

so a slow start to the day but turned out to be pretty productive in terms of prepping for the week. didn’t do much else though and just watched netflix again all day. BAD HABITS! time for a netflix cleanse? i think so. ready to start the PiYo DVDs tomorrow! i haven’t done them in ages so it’ll be fun to get back into them!



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