PiYo: Day 10 (Wednesday) – Core

what’s up core! i love the PiYo core workout so much! i haven’t done it in ages so expect to feel properly sore tomorrow. there’s a lot of good core work in there that my body isn’t used to doing! such a great 30 minute workout. i had a 6:30 AM meeting today (and tomorrow… and friday. sigh) and had a meeting during my normal workout time (noon in chicago) so had to figure something out. it was tight but i squeezed it in plus a couple pieces of PiYo round 42- wanted to get down the lower body section and try the heat building section again. heat building is the bomb and you always get a good sweat going in just a few minutes.

had the greatest of intentions with my food today… started the day with my shako and had a beautiful lunch of protective diet pastas + my kale salad. but i was still hungry so i had a piece of whole wheat pita with pumpkin peanut butter. there are worse snacks but that’s not a great one! also had a stressful afternoon so had some popcorn + hot cocoa when i got home. i need to get out of the habit of rewarding myself with food!


why the stress? i decided to head out to run a quick errand at 2:50. the plan was to take my dog for his walk while walking to the main office so i could drop off outgoing mail and pick up my dry cleaning. while we were on our walk we ran into our friends who offered me some amazing food (ummm yeah my friend is a chef so you never say no) and got to try a new recipe for tofu lettuce cups. SO GOOD. chatted with them for a bit and then headed to the office. when i got there nobody was at the desk so after waiting for about five minutes took the dog outside so he wouldn’t pee on the desk. yep… he tried. then the concierge showed up and got me my dry cleaning which was about a million dresses and she said we had two packages so she brought out a dolly with the packages- one was a new garbage can so light big box and one was 12 notebooks so heavy medium sized box. i balanced the dry cleaning on the boxes on the dolly and headed back to my apartment. everything was precariously balanced and i kept running into walls but we were making our way back slowly but surely when a little white dog appeared and giles just HAD to catch it. i think he knew i couldn’t really go after him so he somehow wriggled out of his harness! yep. my dog got loose. i panicked! he doesn’t know his name yet or come when called so i was freaking out. i caught him at the white dog, who he casually sniffled like nothing was weird about the situation. oh my little love bug. he gets so barky and flips out at other dogs but only until he can meet them. then he’s normal, sweet, and calm. crazy little man. so i pick him up and try to just clip the leash onto his collar but a new dog showed up and he was super wriggly in my arms. not fun. so we continue our trek with me stopping every few steps to pick up fallen dry cleaning. we get about 100 yards away from my staircase when my dog decides to poop. on the sidewalk. sigh. so now i’m holding his leash, pushing the dolly, balancing the dry cleaning, and carrying a bag of dog poop. and did i mention my dog doesn’t do stairs?? so i leave the dolly with the packages at the bottom of the stairs with the dog poop, carry my dog and the dry cleaning inside, and then go back down to get the dolly of packages up the elevator. it may sound so simple but dude. it was STRESSFUL. i think this is what moms feel like every day. and this is why i have a dog and not a baby.


Exhausted after his shenanigans

anyways… had a pretty rad dinner of pesto pasta with tofu & a side of spinach. and of course some wine. because why not?


went on a little jog with the pup a little bit ago to tire him out before bed and now I’m ready to hit the hay!

breakfast: shakeology + frozen cherries + cinnamon (1 red, 1 purple)
snack: complete cookie
lunch: PD mac & cheese + PD pasta bolognese + kale salad (2 yellow, 1 red, 1 green)
snack: popcorn + hot cocoa (1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 cheat)
dinner: pesto pasta + spinach + tofu (2 yellow, 1 red, 1 green)
dayum… that’s lots of yellow!


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