PiYo: Day 3 (Wednesday) + Audition Day!

so i woke up feeling a bit sluggish from the martinis last night. not cool. luckily my audition wasn’t til noon. i wanted EVERYTHING in the world in my belly though. mostly chocolate chip cookies and deep dish pizza. luckily i have the best sister in the world and she made me chocolate chip cookies! no deep dish pizza though. so i had some of my guiltless mac & cheeze. also delicious. and a little dill dip + pita. so not the best start to a day health-wise but could’ve been worse. i practiced my PiYo a bit and headed to the audition.


Native foods… Exactly what i wanted to cure my hangover

The Audition

i applied to be a fitness instructor for Fit-X about a month ago. I was at a friend’s cooking class at an apartment complex a couple months ago and they told me about Fit-X. It’s an organization that places fitness instructors at places that want fitness instructors like businesses or apartment complexes. sounds perfect! I put off applying for AGES. i don’t know what i was scared of. rejection? It wouldn’t be the first time, ya know?


So glad i finally set a deadline for applying and did it. with ZERO experience and no CPR certification i knew it was a long shot. but sure enough they asked me to come in for an overview of how it works. score! during the overview they mentioned the “practical”. AKA a 10-15 minute slot where i’d show my “wow factor”. it wasn’t an audition for a specific opening but more just showing the coordinator that i know what i’m doing. there were two of us that were available during the time slot so we trekked up to Scripps ranch today to do our routines. I was terrified. getting ready i was stressing about what to wear, what if i forgot the moves, what if my music didn’t play, what if i messed up? the woman that was conducting the session is a PiYo instructor too so she already knew the routine. if i missed something or messed it up she would know for sure! OY! and what if i wasn’t doing my warrior 2s right? What if my triangle was sticking my butt out too far? i thought about canceling. did i really need another thing to take on right now? i wasn’t trying to be a professional fitness instructor for my main career… so did i really need to do this? was it worth the stress? that’s always how i talk myself out of things. little known fact about me: i get really bad social anxiety sometimes. i always talk myself out of going to things by saying to myself it’s not worth the stress it’s causing me and i bail. oy. so as i was driving i was making up excuses in my head to turn around… imagining the conversations i’d have with the instructor telling her why i couldn’t make it and it just wasn’t the right time for me. but i made it there and pulled in right next to her. no turning back. but i must’ve done something right because she was surprised when i told her i never taught before! and she gave me my starting rate & when classes start opening up (next year most likely) i can sign up for them. holla! So that’s SUPER exciting! i did something that terrified me and i survived!! another girl was doing her audition as well so i took her class too and it was awesome! a great cardio + weights + pilates workout. she was a great instructor! so a really good day.

on the way home i stopped and got some fast food- a milkshake, california burrito, and “chicken” fingers and ate that throughout the day. DEFINITELY not healthy but really delicious. i need to get out of the mindset of “rewarding” myself with food. now i need to really focus the rest of the week on eating clean because the start of the week i didn’t do too great! ready to get back into my beachbody on demand workouts tomorrow! PiYo what what! i think it’s upper body and that’s a short one so i’ll practice my new PiYo round too. huzzah!

hope you’re having a great week and THANK YOU to all the vets out there!

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