PiYo: Day 6 (Saturday) – Define: Lower Body

back to lower body! i really want to start pairing up lower body & upper body or getting more in on those days- the workouts are so short and i don’t feel like they’re intense enough for me. i know… i’m needy. but today i definitely needed the quick workout because holy cow the morning flew by! Had to run errands and get some last minute snacks for the winery tour and target took way longer than planned! Barely made it out the door in time to get to the party bus. Chugged my shakeology before leaving the house and definitely got in some focused energy and greens boosts because, well, i knew i wasn’t going to be eating my greens!


on the way to the first winery we had an hour and a half drive so we had a ton of bubbles! delicious champagne! Snacked on a larabar to get some food in my belly before getting too silly. The first winery was awesome- had some really delicious wines! my plan was to take pictures of each wine i tried but that failed fast. snacked on saltines between wines to keep the food in my belly! On the way to the second winery i had some crackers & hummus and peanut butter nature’s valley bars. The second winery was kind of weird… it was like tables instead of bars and i split a bottle of champagne with another girl. it was delicious! but yeah… was definitely feeling tipsy! the last winery was also awesome and had more crackers in between. didn’t even finish my glass of wine there- was WAY too tipsy! chowed down on more crackers on the way home but was ready for a real meal! ordered cafe gratitude on the ride home and got a caesar salad wrap + spring rolls that were incredible. plus a milk shake that was super clean. glad i ordered relatively healthy food to nourish me after that day! spent $70 on delivery though… bad decisions get made after drinking all day! went to bed at 8pm… that was a good decision!



this was a kind of lost day in terms of 21 day fixing… and this is why drinking is a bad idea for me… losing a whole day of eating healthy and then feeling crappy the next day? it’s just not worth it!

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